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Agricultural Biologicals Market Trends, Emerging Market Regions, Growth Factors and Trends 2026

With the incidence of pest outbreaks on the rise, the global agricultural biologicals market is expected to grow considerably during the forecast period. Fortune Business Insights shares its findings in its report, titled “Agricultural Biologicals Market Size, Share and Global Trend by Type (Biopesticides, Biostimulants, and Biofertilizers), Source (Microbial and Biochemicals), Application Method (Foliar Spray, Soil Treatment, Seed Treatment, and Others), Crops, and Geography Forecast till 2026”. The report also incorporates an in-depth analysis of the probable market trends and the factors that will influence the market.

Increasing Environmental Concerns to Spur the Adoption Rates of Biologicals

According to the FAO, agricultural biologicals possess a variety of agronomic and environmental advantages. For example, regular infusion of crop residue increases the organic content of the soil, improves soil quality and structure, and aids water conservation. The cumulative effect is enhanced productivity in quantitative and qualitative terms, which bodes well for the global agricultural biologicals market. Quality yields have taken high priority as synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides are known to diminish the nutritional value of foodstuffs. Environmental benefits, closely linked to the economics of biologicals, are manifold. For example, sustainable agricultural practices can increase biodiversity in soils, enhance carbon sequestration capabilities of soil, improve air quality, and prevent unnatural soil erosion.

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Fortune Business Insights identifies major players that hold a significant portion in the global agricultural biologicals market share. These include Valent Biosciences,

  • Bayer,
  • UPL,
  • Syngenta,
  • Marrone Bio Innovations,
  • Koppert

Key Segmentation:

By Type

  • Biopesticides
  • Biofertilizers
  • Biostimulants

By Source

  • Microbial
  • Biochemicals

By Mode of Application

  • Foliar Spray
  • Seed Treatment
  • Soil Treatment

By Crop Type

  • Cereals
  • Oilseeds
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Turf & ornamentals
  • Other Crops

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Rising Preference for Organic Food Encourages Growth in the Market

Agricultural biologicals support farmers in enhancing crop productivity by protecting them from pests and weeds. In integrated pest management (IPM), agricultural biologicals play a significant role as they help to replace synthetic chemicals with the new synthetic crop. In addition to this, seed treatment products weed and insect protection, which in turn, is expected to fuel demand for agricultural biologicals. A lead analyst at Fortune Business Insights said, “Increasing global demand for food and support from governments act as potential growth triggers in the market.” Moreover, the majority of the population is health-conscious, growing demand for organic food products is expected to stimulate the market’s growth by 2026. People have become more aware of the pesticide residue in food, compelling people to opt for organic food.

Adoption of Modern Agricultural Technologies in Agriculture Sector Drives Market in Europe

North America and Europe are anticipated to grow faster in the global agricultural biologicals market. Stringent regulations regarding the use of crop protection chemicals are likely to drive the market in these two regions. Furthermore, these regulations are implemented to protect the environment from hazardous effects. Other factors driving the market in Europe are improved crop quality outcomes, increasing crop productivity, and rising demand for organic materials. In addition to this, increasing adoption of modern technology for agricultural practices is expected to create revive the market’s growth in this region.

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