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The U.S. Agriculture Department and the “Kitten Act”

The USDA introduced this week that it will now not use cats in research that, following a watchdog group, concerned pressured “cannibalism” and resulted in over 3,000 of the animals being put down since 1982.

Over greater than three many years, in a laboratory in Beltsville, close to the capital Washington, scientists fed cats and kittens meat presumably contaminated with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, in accordance with the White Coat Waste Project.

The researchers then examined the cats’ stools to verify the presence of Toxoplasma — which may solely full complete life cycles in cats — within the meat. After three weeks, they went on to euthanize the cats even though they have been wholesome.

A minimum of 3,000 cats and kittens have been used since 1982, in accordance with White Coat Waste (WCW), which unveiled the “kitten slaughterhouse” in Could 2018. The programme was not essentially secret, however, remained off the radar to most people. “We’re completely thrilled that kittens are out of harm’s means,” mentioned Justin Goodman, vice-president of the WCW, which works to protects the 1000’s of cats and canines utilized in personal and college labs throughout the U.S.

 One other bombshell WCW report in March revealed that for a decade — ending in 2015 — the division additionally purchased lots of deceased cats and canine in China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Colombia, and different countries to feed their cats and various animals, the group mentioned.

Following the WCW 2018 investigation, horrified lawmakers launched Payments to finish the mission. It was a moment of unity for Democrats and Republicans, with not less than 60 co-signing the “Kitten Act” to cease the programme.

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