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USDA Innovation Aims Higher Biofuel Usage

USDA Innovation Aims Higher Biofuel Usage

The USDA is setting a target of a 30% blend of biofuels into the U.S. fuel supply by 2050, stated Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue Thursday.USDA Innovation Aims Higher Biofuel Usage

Larger biofuel use was one of the four targets of a division-wide “innovation agenda” to extend agricultural production by 40%, whereas decreasing agriculture’s environmental impact by half.

On renewable energy, the agenda requires improved production efficiency and bigger production of feedstocks “to realize market-driven mix rates of 15% of transportation fuels in 2030 and 30% of transportation fuels by 2050.” At present, biofuels account for barely over 10% of the fuel burned by vehicles and light vehicles.

Biofuels are “one of the best to achieve,” Perdue stated during a news conference. He pointed to the administration decision last spring to permit the year-round sales of E15, a 15% blend of ethanol and gasoline.

The other innovation objectives are a 50% reduction in food loss and waste by 2030; lowering nutrient loss by 30% by 2050 to improve water quality; enhancing carbon sequestration via soil health and forestry; utilizing new technology to “obtain net reduction of the agricultural sector’s current carbon footstep by 2050 without regulatory overreach.”

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